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Environmental Consultant?

   CxAsia Limited can BE your...


  • Environmental Consultant (LEED, BEAM Plus, WELL)

  • Independent Commissioning Authority (iCxA)

  • Registered Energy Assessor (REA)

  • Carbon Audit / Energy Audit

  • Indoor Air Quality Consultant / Tester

  • Acoustic Consultant / Tester

  • One-stop Shop Environment Consultant

Green Building Consultant


Our team has experience in applying LEED, BEAM Plus, WELL certification

Independent Commissioning Authority


Our team could oversee the whole commissioning process for quality assurance

IAQ Consultant


Our team could provide advise and site measurement on indoor air quality before moving in, and can assist client to apply EPD IAQ Certificate

Acoustic Consultant


Our team could provide advice on acoustic design and perform acoustic verification test

Registered Energy Assessor (REA)


Our team could provide REA service to assist client to fill in, endorse and submit the EMSD BEEO form

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